Self harming dyke
2004-03-21 15:46:12 (UTC)

Catching up...

Well, I told you about last weekend and my paranoid,
hallucinating, being chucked onto pavement by hospital
security time. Well, I then took 3 days off school.

On Monday I went to see Dr T and she was really concerned
cos I was crying and crap and shaky and talking about oding
still. She kept me in a sideroom all day and I rested and
read some Italian grammar! Felt so safe in there and was
happy cos she kept popping her head round the door and
checking on me. Awww!

Anyway, the outcome was that I saw Psych and SHO and crisis
team on Wednesday.

And they didn't offer me anything. Quelle surprise!

So I still felt shit and shaky and tearful and betrayed and
abandoned. Really useful session huh!?

I went back into school and also had the wonderful news
that I have an interview for a job in Dorset. The interview
is next Fr|day and |'m really excited!

I have been at a Hen Weekend this weekend. Was excellent
fun and I ate and drank and sang and smoked my socks off!
Only 2 probs were:
* 'Forgot' to take meds so got all dizzy and sicky.
* Bit overcome by the number of people and so had to keep
going off to hide in room.

But it was good.

So why am I still having those thoughts? Why does my head
have to be jammed full of self-destruction?


And I did another presentation and got top marks - very
good all throughout it! Harrah!!!

Better go now. Hands are cold.

Cat x