Loser In The Making
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2004-03-21 06:19:24 (UTC)

so so very confused

i dont know what my feelings are any more.. i thought i was
seriously over matt because of all the lies he told me and
the fact that he got on my screen name and told victor
things taht werent true.. i just dont know what to believe
any more.. what to do.. who to love. I saw matt kissing
another girl the other day.. he didnt actually do it right
in front of me and i should think nothing of it but i do..
i dont know why.. he doesnt know that for some reason i
still have feelings for him...
And now i dont know if i still like brandon because i
like chris more.. grr my life is jsut messed up right now.
i hate this i am so so confused. and its really hard for me
right now to show that im not hella depressed when i am..
I want to help some of my friends that are having troubles
with their relations but i dont think i am able to do that
right now with my relation problems but i just really want
to help them and now with me not being samanthas friend a
lot of people have been getting pissed at me and getting in
fights with me when i dont believe they have any right
really to know that i am hella pissed at samantha because
of her stealin from me and then when i get it back she
tells me that the person who gave he stuff back is the one
that stole from me when i dont believe her. and then she
stole other things and shes lied about other things and
made me believe things that i shouldnt have believed and im
glad i dont believe them any more and im glad i dont
believe them any more....

Your Boo.

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