Endless Abyss of Questions...
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2004-03-21 05:49:26 (UTC)


well, i just got home from an st. patrict's day party at
lauren's. it was slow, i wasn't really hungry for all the
wonderful food, and i was extremely tired so those parts
sucked. but after the party when all the parents left it was
really cool just sitting around the fire. me, lauren, bethy,
eric and drew m. and matt m. Matt and drew are the funnies
ppl in the world. drew is so cute with his "gayness" and
matt knows how to livin up anything. he never runs out of
things to say. he calls himself The Regulator. he was going
to come up and regulat my father, for making me come home at
12.15, but i wouldn't let him subbmit to his death like
that! anyway, it was a nice party. meghan F is a really nice
girl. her twin seemed kind of off, but hey, aren't we all!
eric was his normal sleepy drugged self. the poor kid ran
around feeding the fire and doing chores for his folks, he
never got a chance to sit and chill with us all. lauren was
upset the whole night b/c her house is boring. she said she
had to much caffine, even though she didn't have any! she
got this huge burst of energy when we were chillin by the
fire which gave us some laughs. gunnar was danceing to the
music!!! lol it is was the funniest sight! and he was also
mocking drew's squicks.

george washington

**if you don't want to talk with someone, just walk out of
the room.

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