A Look At My Life
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2004-03-21 03:21:59 (UTC)

March 20, 2004

Hello everyone my name is gilbert herrera and im from
san antonio, texas the reason im starting this online
diary which i would like to thank my-diary is because some
people have been curious and think that the my life is
actually intresting hence bringing me here writing now
there are alot of people i would like to thank supporters,
family, and most of all friends (frank,lauren and kris
even though yall hate me maria, liz, ashley, adrienne,
kelsey, emily, beto, marcos, juan for teaching me his
amazing skills lol and so many others) if you would like
to know more about me or just talk give me a e-mail at
[email protected] well i hope that my diary/news will
keep you updated with not only me but other stuff that
should be cool well take care God bless and i hope you

Sincereley, Gilby