mY sToRy
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2004-03-21 01:34:46 (UTC)

sOmEbOdY sPeCiAl...

I lOvE yOu So MuCh DeVo...YoU r My ShOuLdEr To CrY
oN...aNd SoMeOnE tO lAuGh WiTh...No OnE cOuLd EvA rEpLaCe
ThE wAy I fEeL fOr My DeVo WeVo...I LoVe YoU sO mUcH yOuR
mY bFf...LyL...tOoDlEs!

^^^aWwW tHaNkS sSoO mUcH kElsE yOu JuSt PuT tHe BiGgEsT
gRiN oN mY fAcE!! i LoV YoU tOo, We ArE gReAt FrIeNdS, YoU
aRe AlWaYs ThErE fOr Me!! We MaKe EaChOtHeR lAUgH, lOl, I
lOv My KeLsE wElsE wItH aLl My HeArT!! Ur AnD aWeSoMe
PeRsOn KeLSE, lOv Ya ToNz, bFfL, lAtUr MaH fUnNaY gAtUr!!

P.S wAiTiNg FoR oThEr RePlYs To ThIs JoUrNaL tHiNg So I
CaN pUt TheM iN hErE tOo, MaKe SurE u CaN aLsO tElL mE i
CaN pUt It In HeRe, LOv YoU gUYs AlL mY gAtUrS!!

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