malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2004-03-21 01:06:03 (UTC)

black oleanders

the world had an ethereal feeling today. like walking around
in a whirlwind. hide the best part of you beneath my bed,
the last place anyone would bother to look. chains of every
sort hand in the garage, a world that’s broken hangs
outside. all the parts are there but they don’t fit together
anymore. knowing the difference between right and wrong only
makes you feel worse when you chose wrong. i can say
anything with my eyes, but no one bothers to look anymore. i
can do wonderful things with my tears, but they fall too
slowly now. prison agrees with me, if no one else does.
symbolism of words. black oleadners fall from her lips like
prayers to no one at all. looks don’t interest anymore.
“life’s easier without friends” she says. we blame our
dizziness on the roller coasters, on the world, when all it
really IS, is us. he’ll never love anyone else. why was she
always quiet? a few smiles and a gray sky, are all it takes
to make her cry. green, green, green, if you could only see
the images racing through my mind, the many colors and
flooded valleys of my mind.