My Diary
2004-03-20 23:50:32 (UTC)


ok this is the story of me and Bre.. i met Bre cuz Allen
broke up w/ me for her and then she started going to my
church.. well we got to know each other and became
friends.. then i ended up finding out that she was bi..
she ended up asking me out as a joke on Allen.. then like
right b4 me and Devin broke up we talked out it and
realized it wasnt just a joke.. we went out for a year and
almost three months.. then she broke up w/ me :( i was so
broken-hearted.. i was so pissed off at her that i told
her i never wanted to talk to her again.. well i saw her
at Steph's b-day party and i apoligized for tellin her
that and we flirted A LOT.. then she called me that
Thursday and asked if i'd spend the night w/ her and i was
like sure so i did and we stayed up till 5 in the morning
making out.. it was so cool.. i loved it.. i think she did
to :P.. well she asked me back out that saturday and then
i broke up with her in april cuz devin wanted me to cuz
shes a slut and he doesnt want me getting an std from her
and then him getting it too... and then the same night i
broke up with her she started going out with this ugly
chick named crystal... GROSS!!!!!!!