mY sToRy
2004-03-20 20:47:57 (UTC)

iM bAk...WhEn I dRiFtEd(PoEm)

YaY iM sSoO gLaD tO bE hOmE!! i MiSsEd AlL yOu GuYs WhEn I
wAs GoNe, AaHh!! WeLl HeReS a PoEm ThAt I wRoTe A lOnG
tImE aGo oN jUlY 6 2003, wHiCh It Is DaTeD!! Ok WeLl ItS
nOt ThAt GoOd BuT iT mAdE mE tHiNk Of Me ThInKiN aBoUt AlL
yOu OuT tHErE, iT iS aBoUt GeTtInG lOsT aNd DrIFtIn OuT
tHE wRoNg WaY aNd HaViNg A fRiEnD tO PuLl YoU bAk In!!

WhEn I dRiFtEd
iT sTaRtEd OfF
wItH jUs OnE bAd NoTe

eVeRyThInG wAs FiNe
UnTiL i tOoK oFf In The WrOnG bOaT

i SaIlEd OfF iN tHe WrOnG dIrEcTiOn
nOt KnOwInG wHaT tO dO

I ThOuGhT aBoUt A lOt Of ThiNgS
bUt MaInLy ThOuGhT aBoUt YoU

hOw ArE fRiEnDsHiP wAs sO pErFeCt
AnD tHeN tAkEn AwAy So FaSt

HoW eVeRyThInG wAs HeRe
AnD tHeN gOnE iN jUs A fLaSh

i KePt SaIlInG
uNtIl I hIt A sTrOnG wAvE

tHeN I qUiCkLy ReAlIzEd
I mIgHt JuS bE aBlE tO sAvE

oUr PoWeRfUl FrIeNdShIp
ThAt MaKeS mE wHo I aM tODaY

If It WaSnT fOr YoU
i MiGhT hAv TaKeN tHaT wRoNg WaY

sO i ToOk A sHaRp TurN
aNd HeAdED bAk ThE wAy I cAmE

i KePt GoInG aNd GoInG
bUt nOtHiNg LoOkEd ThE sAmE

bUt ThEn I sAw YoU
sTaNdInG aLl AlOnE

aNd ThEn I rEaLiZeD
tHaT i WaS fInAlLy HoMe

^^^I ThInK tHaT oNe Is PrEtTy gOoD, hOpE u Do ToO, lOv
YaLl!! lAtUr My GaTuRs!!

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