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2004-03-20 15:28:23 (UTC)

Friday Night

Oh yeh I'm good I got served alcohol ....due to new hair
cut that makes me look older..... and I'm only
14...hehehehe HAHA I look eighteen hahaha!

Not to boast but i looked hot last night i wish aaron
('pip') was at that gig so he would see exactly what hes
missing.... then again i might have looked hot until i
started to drink! ah well i had fun!

I spoke to my ex for a whil :) he used to have long
hair.... but hes got it cut and it suits him alot more and
hes fit..... and i saw this guy i like.... NAthan but he's
in the year bellow... and hes short but he's soooo
cute .... he gave me chocolate chips lol!

Mothers day tomorrow! I got my mum chocolates yeah
yeah "original" i know :P She hasnt seen my hair yet

any way thats about it for now
keep writing click the feed back button im bored lol

amy xx

music: funeral for a friend i forgot which song lol
mood: not so hungover as i would have thought!!!