2004-03-20 15:08:14 (UTC)

I got my first check...

Went shopping. Saw an awesome shirt. Bought it in 3
different colors. That’s the first time I did that. I
finally have some cash in my bank account, and spending
money, plus no time to spend too much of it. Working almost
56 hours per week in one job, and 6 hours a week in
another, is truly cool. Enables you to spend too much money
since you don’t have time to do so. I also think it’s
teaching me time management, which as a manager I will need.

Went clubbing Saturday instead of playing dungeons and
dragons. Should have stayed over at Eric’s and played dnd.
Rather not, just not club, or just not club there.
Michelle, Sabina, Karoline and I went. The guys were
uglier, the chicks were fat and skanky, there were less
people, more smoke, a bit more ghetto for some reason, and
it all didn’t go all too well. Something was off. I guess I
wasn’t as inspired as I used to be about the thing. It was
my first time in the same club twice. I’ve decided I won’t
go to a club any time soon, and I won’t go at all if there
isn’t some special event going on such as a foam party,
special discount (maybe), grand opening, popular
performers, or a theme thing going on. Mainly “NO” if it’s
just not spiffy special enough. It can’t be something that
can go on often or any given Saturday.

I bought two cute skirts. I can’t wait until it gets
warmer, and until I stop stocking the inventory, and start
doing more managerial work. Therefore I can wear cute
things, I’ll be more office equipped, and less heavy duty
work equipped. I prefer that.
I just made a call cause I was sick of waiting for the
person who called me when I wasn’t there to call me back.
It ended up being the guy that runs the mission. Membership
identification made easy shit. Simply told me that next
time I’m in to go into this one door where I’ll get a key
chain signifying that I’m a member. So okay, but I won’t be
there any time soon, and judging from last time I don’t
think I’ll have as good a time. We’ll see though. I will
definitely not be coming back this weekend.

Can’t wait till next check, more stock, more employees,
more workers, other store opened, and more responsibility.
More cash would be nice too, but just the more
varied/exciting/interesting type of work will be enough for