Too Much to Say
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2004-03-20 15:01:40 (UTC)

additional thoughts

the problem with aaron is that i never really got over
him. i just forgot about him. my feelings never changed,
they simply faded away. so even now, whenever i do find a
moment to think on him, it's with the same tender thoughts
i felt 3 years ago. i don't know aaron anymore, well i
don't know the present-day aaron, so there's no way i can
say that i'm in love with him. but i think a small part of
me will always be in love with the aaron i knew 3 years
ago....and maybe not even that one. perhaps even then i
was holding on to a boy long forgotten. not aaron
the "marine," but aaron my daybreak partner. aaron, the
boy who played charlie brown in the school musical (more
like "played himself in the school musical") i'm only in
love with a memory--5 years lost.

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