Hokwan dish~
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2004-03-20 14:58:58 (UTC)

Poor me~

Last night... go to take the other side of teeth off!!!
That dentist is CRAZY!!! He used at less a half hour to
take that TWO teeth off!!! And i was so painful after about
a half hour!!! hai........ a unforgettable night!!! then..
我終於痛到cry,then唔再咬棉花,去到Tseung Kwan O,wanna to buy
last went to buy 新地,no nut no strawberry,but it's okay,
then 有一舊超大ge黑色血塊浮下浮下,又唔甩得,傷口不斷流血,then ng
理佢,gone to bed!!!!
Today, wow, so painful!!!!!!比死更難受!!!!! and......
from 8:10, i wake up
used fifteen minutes to tidy up myself, and take something
that i need to bring to CYC funtion...
the old people was so troublesome!!!!!! POK GUY!!!!!!!
then... i went away at 12:00
then... arrive home at 12:00
then used 10 minutes to eat one bowl of congee
then used to have something to do la...
但點知佢over time until 3:10
so hurray!!!! must to use 20 minutes to arrive at the place
that i learn English
本應學English 到5:00,
佢又over time
until 5:10
5:45又要趕去learn violin
my teeth was so painful
個肚又hungy到a little bit 痛
wow, so busy!!!
this morning at home eat jor 2個你話MK個間好famous ge tack 仔
then 12:00 on the way home used jor 30 minutes to eat one
little bread
5:35 eat jor三啖 balck "nor" rice and 一半格仔餅
tonite 一路cry一路eat dinner