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2004-03-20 10:51:47 (UTC)

March 19/2004


The projekt is called "Hollow"


"Three months ago, if you asked me, I would tell you that I
had a decent life.

'I share a house with my mother. Nothing fancy, just a
typical bourgeois abode, in a blatantly manufactured suburb
where every house looks the same; cheap aluminum siding,
Econo-Shingle™ no-leak roofing. I’ve lived in the same
house for four years, and I still need to look at the
goddamned house number to be able to figure out which house
is mine.

I was the unexpected consequence of an excess of liquor,
and lack of security provided by the cheap ribbed condom
from the local Shell station. My father made an effort
initially, putting his life on hold to marry my mother and
try to have a stable family life, “for the child.” I was
never HIS daughter, I was just some object that had ground
his potential life to a halt faster than his dependency on
cocaine to wake up in the morning. Like all deadbeats, he
realized that the only thing keeping him in this life of
mediocrity was a conscience, and enough coke will help
anybody get over that.

He was gone before my seventh birthday.

Puberty came and went, plagued with the typical angst and
drama that every girl goes through. Huge rushes of
insecurity caused by the realization that you were
developing the curves of breasts, and the shock of
realizing that you are going to bleed from your most
embarrassing region, every month.

I’m nineteen, and a freshman in college. I’ve got my whole
life ahead of me. A decent life indeed...'

I can’t believe I was that fucking naïve."

WERK ------

I got called into work today, which is a good thing,
because my hours suck royally. I really hope that this
sorta shit picks up a little, because not being able to pay
bills is definitely counter-productive.

On a brighter note, it turns out that every new staff
person I meet is better than the last (nicer). Life at
starbucks is looking up!


I'm not sure how you're doing lately, so I can't really
say "hoorah" for you. I can say however, that you're a
good person.

I don't think people are told often enough that they're a
good person, and this leads them to believe that they're
not. So before you go and bash yourself down and say that
you're not a good person...

You're a good person :D


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A kickass depressing cd.

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Writing is fun and I should do more of it.

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Massive Attack - Angel.mp3