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2004-03-20 04:59:16 (UTC)

A PASSIONate movie review for suckers

Actually, this isn't really a review, just a fairly
uneducated rant.

The Passion of the Christ is a retarded movie. And this is
why. Because the lemmings.... You jesus believers... You
have this religion right, and here it is being exploited
and whored around by Mel Gibson and it's up there on the
big screen raking it in. You would think your religion is
sacred and maybe youd be pissed that the story of your
supposed goddamn saviour is being commodified for consumer
consumption. Novalty jesus nails anyone?

You would also think that "God" would come down and make
fire water or knife rain or something over this one. This
is way worse than golden pig idol worship.

You see. It's all bullshit, the movie and the crappy man-
made religion.

I'd also like to say that I'm never going to watch this
crappy movie ever in my entire life because it is so dumb.
Or the sequals. I can see it now "Passion of The Christ 2:
Jesus Returns" followed shortly after by "Passion of the
Christ 3: Jesus and Satan, the Final Showdown."

So, keep enjoying your bullshit, hypocrites! I'm going to
go to bed and dream about enclosed spaces.

The Passion: -4 out of 5 stars

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