taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2004-03-20 04:03:32 (UTC)

"don't push love away, you know you do..."

I've been getting caught up in emo as of late. And by as of
late I of course mean the last 6 months. I mean, it's so
melodramatic and neurotic and sad and whiney voices so why
should I like it?

Why should I not?

I'm probably closer to an emo kid than and punk kid in the
real world, but how often do I visit that place? Probably
frequently. You know you're in trouble when you download
the Ocean Avenue video, but that was for different purposes.

Legitimate emo is alright. I know, once you get past the
oxymoronic quality of that statement. Once you wade through
the Dashboards and the Thursdays and get the land of
Jawbreakers and Jets To Brazils and Hot Water Musics. Thats
where you can hang your hat and stop for the night. Oh yes,
I've crapped on emo before, and it was probably on sound
reasoning to boot, but today I think that emo isn't so bad.
I guess you can call it a guilty pleasure or even an
innocent pain. It's probably the latter that applies better.

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