The Real Me
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2004-03-20 03:46:20 (UTC)


I got my blood work back yesterday. I was shocked to see I
have high cholesterol. I guess that's a good excuse to get
into shape and all. I guess i needed something to push me
to do it and this is a good one.

I was told the other day that i was hot. kinda nice to hear
such a compliment like that but hard for me to take
in...i'm still thinking about it. No, i'm not stuck on
myself and self-centered. Growing up i rarely heard any
type of compliment from anyone. Now hearing anything from
anyone is shockin and i take it all in. Even when i hear
Kali say i love u, u look cute in that top. it's hard to
explain but i love every part of it. i guess i was just
depreived as a child and didn't get much of any type of
compliment from anyone. But i really don't find
myself "hot" either. hmm...

Today's katies bday. Yesterday i went to st. joes and
surprised her. she kinda knew though but she was still
surprised. We had a blast! I locked myself in one of the
bathroom stalls...yes another fun time with K&R (katie and
rachel) Yes i locked myself in the bathroom stall and had
to crawl on the floor to get out. i was glad no one walked
in at time..i felt like an idiot. Tomorrow i'm goin to
katies house her family bday party for her. and last time i
get to spend some quality time with my katie..boohoo *tear*
haha, but i think shes comin up next weekend with her
friends Rob and Brian so that should be fun.

Spent some time today throwing out some of my childhood.
god i was a pack rat as a kid. i have soo much shit it's
not even funny. and it's still hard for me to throw out
some stuff. but it's all going bye bye sunday when pa goes
to the dump. Time to get rid of all that crap since i won't
be living here anymore and have no use for it. Just
collecting dust...speaking of which all that dust has
sparked my allergies right now

i'm out!

luv ya

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