2004-03-20 00:00:42 (UTC)

Busy, Busy, Busy!

A full day today!

I transferred money to the checking account via
the Internet, wrote checks and got bills ready to mail.
I mailed seven hand-knit hats to Yvonne for the Ukraine
orphanage and got the file ready for the quilt show
committee meeting.
Carol, Pastor Ruth and I attended and we decided on
the date (May 15 and 16), times, the idea of a having a
featured quilter (Doris' niece is a quilter who has won
prizes nationwide and is a good prospect), advertising
ideas, how to inform people we need quilts, that the
admission price will remain $3 but kids under 12 will be
free so families can attend without having to spend a
fortune, getting a gift certificate for a drawing for
exhibitors, asking for donations for quilt related items to
sell with all proceeds going to the church, getting
information about needed volunteers into the church
newsletter, and sending out postcards to likely exhibitors
about three weeks before the quilt show. Whew!
I have a list of about four things I need to get done next
week related to quilt show.
Carol also asked me if I were going to Costco before
Sunday (yes) and asked me to buy a dozen of their muffins
and a dozen danishes which we'll cut in half (that'll make
48) and we'll serve them with coffee and punch after our
special musical workship with John Nilson on Sunday.

Hugh and I picked up Owen and then I picked up the
library books. After bringing the boys home, I went to
Albany and did the Costco shopping and some banking. I took
a side trip to Joann's Fabrics too and used my 40% off
coupon to buy about four and a-half yards of a lovely old
fashioned print of what looks like handwritten love letters.
I plan on using it for a Valentine quilt. I also bought
three more yards of white batiste (at 50% off) to make more
burial gowns, some small white appliques, a lot of scrapbook
materials, all at 50% off, and quilting needles.
I brought the muffins and danishes to the church (I
have a key) and put them in the refrigerator as per Carol's
Now I need to make sure the boys go for their
haircuts and I also need to make dinner and finish the laundry.

It's been a long day!

Because it's Spring Break and John will be home all next
week I don't know how often I'll have access to the
Internet. My diary may not be updated as faithfully but I
will try. I may just type up the entries ahead of time and
try to post them as I can.