Cosmic Rain
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2004-03-19 22:38:58 (UTC)

obviously I need to empy my head

Still hooked like a caught fish to a line... I let it run
though my thoughts time after time...It trails me through
my day..There's no space to think when you hear the chink
of the chain fall into place..No time to wash it away..

I have no idea where I am going with that. Nope. I just
felt like writing and that is what I got. Pffffft.Thank god
I hadn't sold tickets for anyone to read it. They'd have
been totally disappointed. I can't write of late. Not
poetry anyway. Closest thing was a song for the S5 and that
is it. Oh I did help one of the boys with a rhyme for his
school project.

I saw a guy yesterday I had to double glance at. He looked
like Garry. And if it wasn't Garry, it was a brother. Had
those same lil eyes and balding head and lil goatie and he
was smalllll..He was in at Coles..Prolly buying tampons,
but oooh that's right, he didn't need those did he.
Actually he's prolly just a guy, naturally that has no idea
who the wankery Garry's of the world are and just happens
to bear an awful resemblence. Poor bugger. I feel for you.

I'm going to do some painting this weekend. It's fun,
because I am painting clothes and all through growing up
all hell broke loose if you put texta or pen on your good
clothes. Now I can go totally mad and splash colour
everywhere, because quite simply I can. And it's all in
the name of fun. Fun, fun, fun.

I haven't written here, "properly" in so long. I think I
have closed off most of my thoughts of recent, because I am
too preoccupied with things I "must" do..But I let myself
stray every now and then. And I remember there are things I
just simply can't say. Even though sometimes I want to or
wish I had have. I just always hold myself back. Do you
ever find that?


I just was noticing a packet and just had to say that.
Betta makes Raspberry bites. And they didn't call me back,
after that poor receptionist gave up on finding someone
suitable for me to talk to and just took my name and
number. I should have just said "love, sneak me a few
hundred into a box and send em all out to me,no worries."
She was that sort of sounding person. Sounded like I had
rung a country town and Maxine was on phones, with half fag
hanging out her mouth and she was just one of the girls,
being one of the guys. She even said "All the guys are in a
meeting." I bet they run Betta from a Pub and she's the
chick behind the bar. Hmmmm, there's something in that.
Then I rung nudie again and got sarah I think and she re-
asked my last name and she was "Oooh that's a nice name."
Which I think ended up translating as "Gee, that's almost
as bad as mine, so that makes it a lil nicer." She ended up
having this friendly convo with me, as if I was a mate
ringing. I found out her last name was Fagg and she was a
twin, so she got called the "Twin Fagg" and I'm sure she
said other things too, but not sure. Felt like we were
chatting for ages and I was sitting there thinking you
don't get this everyday. Usually front desk people are
happy to quickly pass you off. Finallllly after a bit she
said she'd see if Sally was available. I wanted to ring her
back and thank her for the convo, it beat most I get
everyday with the Maxines and the Queen Two Bob Snobs from
L'Oreal. Then I had to call their site down in Melbourne
and got another friendly person. I think some people are
just schooled to be overly happy to talk to you and joyful.
It comes with the "Marketing" package and because I never
did study marketing I missed it. Not that I am a nasty
bitch, I didn't get that bottled
enthusiasm of fairy dust that sometimes makes me quietly
pull that "ummm errrr ok" face. You can do those when you
chat to lots of people on the phone. It's handy.

Ahh the world is crazy and at the moment mine is, because
of all that is going down and talking about it, gets it out
of my head, so I can make more room for more crazy shit.
I'm quite honestly ready to explode. I was thinking about
it yesterday with S...Whole Commitee's organise these
things. They have seperate lil sections that do their own
thing, but we are doing it all. The whole jalambilly
package. No wonder I'm going nuts.

Must remember, no nuts in the show bags. Just incase
kiddies can't have them. Guess that means I can't go into
the show bags either. Not that I would and that sounds all
wrong and broken, but I am nuts.