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2004-03-19 22:32:05 (UTC)

The Month of Reckoning...so far

March 4th- This was my cousins birthday. He was 23 today
and my mum suggested to me that to go around my auntys (his
mums) house to have meal and stuff. I went there and said
hello and happy birthday, even though I almost forgot and
went upstairs to meet everyone. Practically all of his
friends were there and my lil cousins. It was a nice cosy
day, I spoke to everyone and converse and about anything.
They inquisited about my life, what I'm doing etc and goes
it as we don't really chat to eachother. It was a nice day
and I left to go home around 8.

March 6th- Today me and Deren, spontaneous as we are
decided to go clubbing. He was suppose to meet up with this
guy name John, a good friend of his all the way from
Norfolk, but he backed out. We planned to go to G-A-Y but
we decide to go to a few bars first. We arrived at Ku-Bar
where I saw Carl (yeah the queen) and he seemed happy and I
said hello. Deren however saw someone he didn't expect. A
friend of his called Hannah and yes shes a dyke. He knew
her from cousin Daniel, they went to the same school and
she went to Bexley Grammar, but was in the year below for
6th form. We chatted and was asking about when and where
etc. It was fantastic, we went to G-A-Y bar and sat around
her friends who she met at Warwick Uni and that was it. Her
group went to Heaven and we went to G-A-Y. It was the 100
greatest dancefloor fillers as voted by the regulars (I
voted on that =p) and it was fantastic, good music, alot of
kylie and alot of people. I saw a few people there and said
hello. We got there around 11.30 and left there at 2. He
had a good time, not his thing but oh well good for a bit
of unplanning. Heheheh.

March 13th- Today I went to work with the usual, at around
11.40 my phone was buzzing. It was Amy. She text me asking
if I want to go to a gig with her and spend the Saturday
with her. The gig was Air, the french tele-funk duo who had
a set at the Brixton Academy. I went home at around 1pm and
arrived at hers at 2. I said hi and she told me about the
gig. I had a wad of change in my bag and she was happy to
change it with some money from her treasury. We ordered
pizza, watch jackass and talked about a load of rubbish. It
was great we haven't done anything like this ever, it was
like 2 school friends who haven't had a decent day off in
ages, meeting for the first time and doing whatever just to
pass the time. We was suppose to leave at around 6 but then
she wanted me to play "what not to wear" with her till
around 6.30. We arrived at Brixton Academy at around 7.45
and there was a huge queue going in. We finally got in
around 8.20 and we sat down waiting for the support band.
They came on around 9.15 and they were rubbish, they were
called Laita did kinda drum'n'bass/electronic music which
were ok, but their performance was rubbish. Air was
scheduled to play at 10.30 and we were planning to get the
last train home but it was due to finish at 12. When they
were on they were great, the crowd really loved them. They
played alot of songs from the their new LP "Talkie Walkie",
my highlight was definitely when they played "Cherry
Blossom Girl". It was my first gig and it went well, I had
reservations that those type of groups never seem to be
able to show a good performance but I was wrong. They ended
with "Sexy Boy" which was also good, if we weren't leaving
around that time. We left around 11.50 and caught a bus to
Elephant and Castle then made out way home. It was just
great, spending time with Amy and seeing the gig. It was
good day overall not just the gig but the things we did on
the way there. Thank you amy see you soon.