Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-03-19 21:28:26 (UTC)

new classes and semi bad news.....

hey ppl. well im signed up for english 3 honors; algebra 2
honors; american history honors; de bio; chem 2; latin 1;
med skills and sevices; and drama 2 and if i dont get
drama....i'll get either psycology 1 or early childhood
education and if i dont get the de bio i get bio 1 honors.
and i got stuck at school for 3 1/2 hrs yesterday after
school b/c i was supposed to go with grandma.....but when
she waz at the docs they took her blood pressure and it
was like 220/? they told her that she was almost ready to
have a stroke cuz of the blood she stopped
at the school and left a message with tham to get to if take the bus...but they didnt get it to me till
about 3:10 or so.....and my bus was way i had 2
wait for my mum to come pick me up.
so yea...after i got and my mum went and got a
blood pressure monitor for my grandma...then me, her, my
aunt, my 2 cousins and one of vickys friends...all went
down to my grandmas and gave the monitor to her..and put
up her new desk and put her comp in her room and i folded
laundry and stuff...soo yea....
HAPPY SPRING BREAK! YEA!! its finnally spring fun...since i cant DO anything all


Nikkie ^.^

p.s: for those of you in school...i'll think about cha
when im wakin up at noon! lol