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2004-03-19 08:34:15 (UTC)

March 18/2004

I DON'T KNOW WHY... ------

...But I'm having a really hard time writing in here.
Maybe I just don't think enough in a day about things. Who
knows, could just be writer's block.


Ben and I now have a couple of projects on the go, both I'm
really excited about (and hope Ben follows through on).
The first would be a video (flash or 3d, haven't decided
which) timed to the song "Mad World" by Gary Jules (cover
of the tears for fears song). I wrote out a 3 page
direction of the 3 minute song of all the transitions and
what needs to be shown, and in MY mind it's prety cool.

I guess the thing that needs to be done is the ARTIST to
actually produce quality work based on my direction.
Unfortunately, Ben isn't the most reliable of workers, so
it may NEVER get off the ground.

The other project that we're going to be starting is
something that I am even more excited about, a webcomic.
We're actually not going to go with a "fun" or "humourous"
comic, and instead are opting to do a drama. Specifically,
we'll be doing a dark/morbid sort of love story. Here's
what I know is going to happen so far (as I'm writing it).

-A girl will break up with her boyfriend and tries to
commit suicide
-She is stopped by the protagonist male (new love interest)
-The old boyfriend continues to haunt her, stalk her, and
eventually ends up killing the girl's mother (father left
the picture a long time ago) and raping the girl.
-The new guy is either killed, incarcerated or ends up
hating the girl

Essentially, this isn't meant to be a warm and fuzzy sort
of thing. If all goes well, it will be super-depressing,
quite violent and at the same time provacative. One thing
that I'm striving to avoid is the glorification of
violence, and when I do use violence in my writing for
this, I want it to be destructive on an emotional level as
well, so that the reader feels the pain wrought by it. I
don't agree with violence at all.


It occurs to me, that of all the females I have and do
associate with, almost all of them have been raped at least
once in their lives.

It seems to me that these are sad circumstances, that
almost everyone has to go through such a traumatic event.

I think that's why I wanted to include the rape in the
comic that I'm writing though... I'm hoping I can convey
the emotional damage caused by such an event, and hopefully
make people see it as not just something that happens in
life. No one should have to experience that sort of shit.


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