Endless Abyss of Questions...
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2004-03-19 04:50:56 (UTC)


I kind of blew up at my brother in the car this morning on
the drive to school. actually all i did was yell shut up,
but it was followed by almost 5 min of silence so the effect
was great. lauren, i think, was really scared although i
just really wan't in the mood to care about anybody.
i was up till 3.00AM that morning thinking about the Battle
of the Bands which i had a meeting for today (it went well -
more later), and then i had to get up at 5.30 to take a
shower. i then actually tried to avoid lauren all that day,
which kind of worked. it was for no real reason (i love
her), i just was fucked up at the time and couldn't deal
with a reminder of that morning. once we got to school, and
i lost lauren, i did run in to david smith. he cheered me up
alot with his usual flirtatious talk.
i then proceeded to prep myself for my first full out
cheeting on a quiz. we had to memorize 8 names and formulas
for science, and of course i hadn't. i really ment to
memorize them sometime, i just never got around to it. well
i typed them on a word document, schrunk the text down to
size 2, printed it out, put double stick tape on the back,
then cut out the text and stick it on the end of my pen.! it
worked wonderfuly! although i'm kind of mad at myself for
not memorizing them. brittney also found the pen helpful...
well, i hope all is better tomarrow with my mood shit. i'm
going over to alex-micheal's after school with kelly and
ale, so i think that will cheer me up. he always does. i
think i shall wear the poka-dotted hat emily gave me for my


damn my nose