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2004-03-19 04:38:58 (UTC)

mountain man

Well spring break is almost over...
It so disappointing.. I guess I expected it to be so much
more fun than this. I've been working, only cause I had
to.. I made sure to go tanning at one of the salons so
atleast I can trick myself into thinking I did
something "outdoorsy".
So I thought cooking would cheer me up. I invited aaron
over and I cooked chicken courdon bleu with fresh green
beans and a kick-ass low carb strawberry pie. So after
busting my butt in the kitchen for a few hours while aaron
plays video games on my computer, he grabs his plate and
takes it back to my office and leaves me sitting alone to
eat dinner. Yeah, I know we arent dating or anything but
hey, sometimes a girl likes to eat dinner with someone.
I still have this strong undoubting urge to get out of this
town and move up north somewhere. Colorado sounds nice...
theres mountains, snow.. the works. Im sure its not 80º
there right now.
I'll find me a good mountain man who likes good home
Just as long as hes not hairy. I cant deal with the hairy

Ugh and I just remembered I have to meet a friend online in
a min. to talk about his new baby. Please, rub my face in
it. Im happy for him, and its not like I want a baby right
now or anything.. its just not a good time.
Baby baby baby. Whats the big deal anyway? I see tons of
them everyday. Oh and what? You gotta buy gifts for the
squirt too? His daddy has a physics degree. I dont think
they need gifts.
I know I know.. I'll feel different one day when I meet the
right man. At the rate thats going I might as well get rid
of my whole reproductive system all together!

Im so negative tonight... I think I need some sunshine and
flowers. Tomorrow I think I will call in sick and go
fishing by myself. I dunno what i'll do when I catch a
fish cause I dont want to touch it, but we'll just cross
that bridge when we get there.


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