2004-03-19 03:16:05 (UTC)

rsanforddesigns: Yo, what s up..

rsanforddesigns: Yo, what's up baby girl?

xmorethanwantedx: lol! when i was walking out of work, i
was like 'theres ryan! give him his hat!' and then i forgot.

xmorethanwantedx: hey! do you think i look chinese?

rsanforddesigns: Look Chinese?
rsanforddesigns: Maybe from a web cam, but not in person.
rsanforddesigns: And I have a thing for Asian women too,
believe me I would notice that!

xmorethanwantedx: lol damn
xmorethanwantedx: cus i was guna dye my hair black, and
matt was like "you'll look even more chinese" cus of my
little eyes i guess

rsanforddesigns: Has he seen a Chinese women before?
rsanforddesigns: You are wide eyed white girl. (say with a
chinese accent)

xmorethanwantedx: lol

rsanforddesigns: I mean, don't get me wrong, you have your
attractive features, but I would not say Chinese features.
Maybe Goth like, or Art School Chic thing going on, but not

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