in silent existance
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2004-03-19 01:55:12 (UTC)

m y my my how i hate him

grr some best friend he is!!!!!!!! oh if i were lookin at
the v6 it would be ok 2 talk but i'm not i'm learnin bout
the v8. yeah well the v8 can blow me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean
come on i'm just grrr so mad at him right now. damn u think
the bday thing would be the end of his bull but oh no he
has 2 make me feel unwanted all the time. thats fine w/e
floats his boat i no longer care. i mean damn like i said i
refuse 2 call him and i'm stickin w/ it
if that pushes him out of my life so be it
i'm in love w/ him but i can't stand feelin like my
existance is nothing but a bother 2 him. if so well then he
needs 2 let it be said and i will walk out of his life 4eva
all he need do is say the word . . . i love him but damn
its sad when u make the 1 person who has ur back feel like
a complete idiot 4 carin bout them. wow i can't stand bein
this mad at him over something so small but i guess its cuz
i've put up w/ so much that i'm done takin it lightly
after "short fat ugly little gremlin" and "i really don't
need friends i do just fine on my own" and "its really easy
4 me 2 drop friends" i have a right 2 be really pissy w/ him
i mean damn what a prick!

grr he gave me a cd i told his mom i wanted 4 my bday, nice
thought but his dad wrapped it, thats just sad. grrr i love
and hate him so much. lord i need a miracle!

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