confessions of a never ceasing mind
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2004-03-19 00:48:42 (UTC)

oddest thoughts

sexual predators make up our world today as many
know....they appear in every aspect of life, and one should
know that...but it is odd to think of it until you have had
a brush with one...a scare, making one afraid to go
outside, cold shivers running up your spine.

She sees the world the world of dark, and yet is nto a part
of it, some sense of innocence, though she feels worldly
wise, she realizes that she is not, she is niave, but it
does not makes sense to her...she is not pure in the
physical sense, and yet she finds joy int he eyes of a
child, beauty in the laughter of a family though she had
never known it herself. Joy in the sunrise and set,
laughter in the rain, calmness in the snow, happiness in
teh summers light love in nature, the felds and grasses
blowing, spreading warm heady scent....and yet she should
not be...she should be hard and cold, cruel and ready for
the world that has shown itself to her, it's harsh reality,
its coldness should have worn her spirit down, breaking it,
turning it to ashes, and yet like the pheonix she rises,
the spirit refusing to give in, refusing to die, refusing
to bleed, rather picking itself up and dusting off, ready
for another round. How did she do this? It makes no sense
to me. She has moments of the most carefree, like a
child,happy and calm, warm inside, laughing and smiling.
Tis impossible, she knows, and one day she will wake from
it, facing the world, becoming stronger, and more aware.

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