Rem's Poetry Corner
2004-03-18 23:23:48 (UTC)

wake up and drive

So you didn't love me.
What was that about?
Why'd you gas the car if you
Don't want to go that route?
You just want to sit there,
Parked in the garage
Dreaming up a life you love
And loving a mirage.
Something's really wrong with you
And I can see it now
Love afflicts you like a curse--
And yet you don't want out.
This love is crazy, as you know,
And things cannot end well,
Although where this road will wind
Not a one can tell.
So keep your wits about you,
And I hope you will survive;
But whate'er you end up doing,
I know that I will thrive.
I'm having some adventures
And I'm taking different paths--
I finally do understand
What we had could not last.
It was just for a moment--
On this ride, it was a blur
For you couldn't really love me
When all you saw was her.
I'm okay with that all finally;
I get that life's a ride.
There are ups and there are downs,
But none of us can hide.
So I hope someday you'll figure out
That life will pass you by
If you never gun the engine
Or put the car in drive.
~Remma Sekah