The twisted thoughts of me
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2004-03-18 22:49:11 (UTC)

Bobby :-*

Hmmm i have to go to flordia 2morrow and i really dont want
to!!!! im gonna miss bobby so sososososososososo much. i
love him so, to the point he will never know. i just hope
that it will last forever. we have so much in comman and at
the same time so much is diffrent. it just makes me think
of my parents in some ways. ewwwwwww i hate them!!! owell i
guess i will just have to wait and see. im so scared that
when im gone he will 4get bout me and find some1 better
then me, which wouldnt be so hard. goodness i love him. i
miss him already and i havent even left yet. god i need to
get a life!!! well when i get back im gonna have to go
somwhere wit my bitches(mandi,britty,keri,and carla)and wit
my man!!!!!hehehehehehe cant wait. i am so pimp!!!