Zoey's mamma
2004-03-18 22:41:12 (UTC)

time to let it all out

Hey everyone... if any one actually reads this...
how are all of you today? ME well lets begin... first of
all i am so lonely... i miss being in a relationship so bad
that i cant stand it and its like now im not just goona go
out with anyone i have set standards... i want a guy that
doesnt smoke pot or cigs. i want a guy that will only drink
on occasions and not around my daughter... i want a guy
that loves me for me... i want a guy that has a good head
on his shoulders.. one that is smart... one that doesnt
think that since i have a kid im easy cause im not!!! i
want a guy that isnt gonna use me. I want someone who will
respect me and respect that my baby comes first in my life.
i need someone who likes to cuddle and is romantic once in
a while... I want someone who will listen to what i have to
say and actually take that into consideration... Hell fuck
it you know i'll never find someone that has all those
qualities and actually wants to be with me... Oh-well...

you know There is a guy that i like alot... and i
wouldnt mind being with him... infact i love this guy... i
have for a while... i could see my self growing older and
having a family with this guy but... I dont know if he
thinks of me the same way... I have told him how i felt and
i know he is going through some things right now too... but
you know it would be nice to hang out and see where things
go between us... right now i consider us good friends...
but i would like to start thinking of us as more then just
that possibly...

i dont know anymore... around my house it seems as
though im getting singled out... my brother lives here too
and he doesnt have anything said to him... he comes and
goes as he pleases and he eats the food thats it... but i
have to be home most the time i have to clean up after
everyone else and cook for them too.. i swear everything
could be cleaned dinner could be done and cleaned up and a
drain of dust could be found somewhere and i would get
chewed out for it... i cant wait till i get my own place
then i will only be picking up after me and Zoey... i wont
have to wory about anyone else... shit if people are gonna
come to my house and mess up they will clean it up...

ok sorry i had to get that off my chest... so this
weekend im suppose to go to Nicole's house... well friday
Zoey gets her 4month shots... I would like to hang out with
chris some time soon just to catch up on things... but i
hate the fact that now when i hang out i feel like a burden
by bringing Zoey along with me... i dont know anymore... I
love Zoey and i wouldnt trade her for the world i just wish
i didnt feel like that... ok well i guess that is all that
is on my mind right now i'll get back at ya later bye bye,
Zoeys Mamma