aNd sO i WrItE
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2004-03-18 21:30:45 (UTC)

Damn yo

iight yo so today... it was alright
i got up n all and got ready for skoo n
everything was running smooth at lunch i was actin a fool
and then 5th period hit i dunno i been thinking so much yo
but puttin on tha crazy front like nothing is wrong n its
fucking bothering me where the point today i almost just
hit this girl for fuckin steppin in front of me wtf yo
right now im real heated...n this boy came to skoo and i
found out his mom died his eyes were blood shot red n i
felt so bad for him thas mah boy n damn yo wtf im sick of
muh fuckas dying damn.... and then oH YEAHH great fuckin
newss.... nah fuckin aunt in tha hospital with a swollen
brain n a tumor... wow i wonder what will happen now... n
then this boy i know got a fuckin hole in his heart n aint
shit they can do about it n this other lady just died wtf
yo im tired of it... im tired of all this hate n shit
damn ... and today and everyday laetly i feel n look like
shit... i feel so ugly n so big n so fuckin i dunno ppl
say im none of that but its like wtf im askion for an
honest answer dont tell me that shit to make me smile its
gone make me more mad...and *sighs* damn yo im so tight
right now... n then ppl think that im leaving them to go
to mah friends house n its tha 1st time its happened and
problly tha last bc i dont have friends they just wanted
to chill n i need to get tha fuck out this place... i walk
in here n i feel like a burst of fuckin pain n hate n heat
just comes over me n it puts me in such a bad mood... and
then 6th period this boy was sayin some racsit shit like i
was playin around with him no im not fuckin playin anymore
wtf yo n i was so mad n he said sorry but its liek that
shit wasnt even called for i swear yo n then when i fuckin
just left to go to mah locker.... damn... this girl was
talkin n talkin n talkin n talkin but the more she said
tha harder she pushed into me n i was like wtf yO! n i
said to mah self imma keep mah koo n i said but let it
happen one more time n she did it! yo i was liek YO WHAT
THA FUCK! shorty you dont fuckin see me here or suttin? n
she was like whatT? n i said you keep pushin me like i
dunno wtf yo fuckin move n she said sorry n i was whatever
yo n i just grabbed mah shit n left n then this other b
was grillin tha fuck outta me n i was so heated i said
damn can i have mah fuckin face baq? wtf u grillin me for
this aint a BBQ n mad heads was laughin but i wasnt wasnt
shit funny... damn yo n then i gotta go to this girl house
to finisht this fuckin project bc im tryin to do mah best
in skoo wtf im tired n im tense n i just wanna fuckin cry
right now damn.... i dunno man mah day was bangin till i
fuckin realized wha kinda shit whole i been chillin in....
Peace tha fuck out
On3 1uv
God Bless