2004-03-18 15:58:48 (UTC)

Home Again

This afternoon Hugh had his last final exam for the term
which means I won't have to drive him again until a week
from Monday, when the new term starts. I used the time he
was taking his exam to do my grocery shopping in Albany. I
did see a woman dressed for St. Patrick's Day and I mean,
dressed to the hilt. She wore green shoes, green tights, a
green skirts, blouse and sweater, a strand of huge green
beads around her neck and long danging green bead earrings.
Even her purse was green (but thankfully, not her hair!)
Every green, by the way, was a different shade of green,
ranging from dark olive to bright lime green. Festive but odd.

The church administrative board meeting was at Rosalie's
house. She lives at the other end of town (which means
about 10 blocks). There were seven of us there and the
meeting lasted almost an hour and a half. It gave me a
preview of what's coming up in the near future.

The schedule I need to attend to for the next six weeks or
so looks like this:

Thursday March 18 Lenten covenant dinner
Friday March 19 First quilt show committee meeting
Sunday March 21 John Nilsen piano/scripture readings
(need to ask Carol if she needs help
with cookies)
Tuesday March 23 Choir practice
Thursday March 25 Lenten covenant dinner
Friday March 26 Doris Lane's funeral (help serve
cookies and coffee afterwards;
cookies provided by family)
Tuesday March 30 Choir practice
Thursday April 1 Lenten covenant dinner
Sunday April 4 Palm Sunday (choir singing at Shedd
church as well as in Halsey)
Tuesday April 6 Choir practice
Thursday April 8 Maundy Thursday evening service
in Halsey
Friday April 9 Good Friday mid-day service in Shedd
Sunday April 11 Easter
May 1 Southern District Conference meeting to
be held at Halsey church; we'll be
providing lunch
May ?? Quilt show