forever 17

silent wishes
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2004-03-18 05:12:38 (UTC)

so i guess i'm going...

well, or atleast it sure seems that way. our band trip
for Gatlinburg leaves tomorrow evening around 6. it was
going to be a really fun trip, i mean, i was going to get
to miss a day a school, get away from my house and spend
the time with my boyfriend. but now, for reasons that shall
be unstated until i can hold in the obscentities no longer,
he cant go. and along with this, or perhaps because of it,
a few of my other good friends arent going. but it'll be
ok, i'll enjoy it while i get the chance. tehre again i
dont have much of a choice, seeing as how he's making me
have a good time.

i didnt think i had so many took me 2 and
1/2 hours just to iron it all. it took a good 2 hours to
get it all in that bag. but i did it and i still got room
too!! so ha. one thing i like about these trips is its
incredibly funny to watch all these masses of sleepy,
aggitated people horde in front of the elevators. you'd be
surprised at the extremes people go to just to be lazy.
honestly, a couple of flight of stairs surely wouldnt hurt
a lot of them, me included. but yea, as it is, i think i'm
gonna end up sleeping on the floor again. i dont care much
for sharring a bed with the people i'm rooming with. and i
can almost guarentee you that those 2 will start fighting
before we go to bed tomorrow night. gee...such familiarity.
and i thought i was getting away from petty whining and
bitchyness and griping and arguing for awhile. oh well. i
got a new cd player b/c mine other decided to hate me. it's
got a double bass and a really loud volume, i think i can
drowned them out. and if i cant drowned out the sound,
there's always the opition of physically drownding them in
the tub...nah i wouldn't do that. that'd be mean. atleast i
wouldnt do that to them...

ugh. i'm sleepy and i've still got a Latin translation to
do. i think i'll cheat off somebody in homeroom. i can do
the stuff, i have a 97. i'm just sooo tired. so yes, theres

forever 17

p.s. to my boyfriend: be here when i get back? and i
promise i wont fall in love with some guy. i've get the
best one, so there's no where for me to go. but i wouldnt
leave you for the world. night hon.