Nick's Journal
2004-03-18 04:59:12 (UTC)

Caller ID and the death of the simple hang-up

so today i was back home for my dad's b-day and decided to
hang out with abbie. i went ahead and called her # and
some grumpy black guy answered with an outraged "what?!".
i politely asked, "is abbie there?" which got a "what?"
meaning, i guess that he didn't understand what i had
said. now when i get a wrong number i just hang up. i
don't go through the whole painful and senseless process
of, "oh i'm sorry, i must have dialed the wrong number."
instead i just go, 'click'. and be done with it.
i finally got a hold of abbie when i heard the stupid
fucking beep-in. before even checking the caller id i
knew that it was that jackass. i don't understand people
who call back a number of someone who obviously has no
desire to talk to them.
i ignored it for a while, but he was so annoyingly
persistent that i ended up calling him back. i decided
the best way to handle the situation would be a reversal
of roles and to be exasperatingly belligerent.
"who's this calling my number all the time?"
"what? uhhhhh, i'm calling you, cos you called me and i
wanted to know who you was."
stop here.
why the shit would someone care? if someone hangs up on
you they obviously have no interest in you or your affairs
and i don't understand the persistent insistence of
finding out who doesn't care about you.
"i don't know anybody by this number, i must have dialed
it on accident."
"ok, whatever."
wow, all clarified, thank god on that one. thankfully he
found out who didn't want to talk to him. i hate caller
id. i can no longer just simply hang up. before you had
to pay 30 cents to find out who called your ass and it
wasn't worth the time of talking to the dipshit operator.
on a side issue, i dont' understand why truckers speed.
why do they speed? why?
i tried to formulate different reasons and here's what i
came up with (damn i was bored).
1.) their goods are perishable and need to be delivered in
a timely fashion. -flaw here lies in the schedulling. how
would a trucking company tell a trucker, "ok bernie, these
frozen peas have to be at kroger in 4 hours. now i know
it's a 6 hour trip, but i'm expecting you to haul ass."
2.) they get better pay if delivered in a timely
fashion. -ridiculous cos they get paid by the
mile....don't they?
3.) the faster they get jobs done the more they can
undertake. -another boneheaded part by the trucking
company, to egg truckers on through such an endangering
activity to get more money. i doubt this is the policy.
4.) they're either tired or sick of driving. -big fucking
problem here. if you're behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler
and are pissed and/or tired, you sohould probably step
well i dont' know.
i mean i understand when truckers pass each other if one
is going 65 and another wants to go 70. but there's a
difference if the guy is hauling ass at about 90 mph. i
mean it's one thing if you get cut off by a honda accord
and another if you're cut off by a mack truck.
oh well, i'm exhausted.