2004-03-18 04:01:13 (UTC)

TRAPT concert!

wow, last night was AMAZING! i've been on an adrenaline
high all day bc of it! I went to the winterfresh tour,
which had Strata, Finger Eleven, Smile Empty Soul, and
Trapt... well, brett and I went to the concert, we had
subway before it, lol, YUM! and blah blah, i had the best
time ever. it was my first time at bogarts, ha, that place
is awesome. The bands were awesome and the crowd was
pumped. everyone was moshing and crowd surfing. when trapt
came on (they were the last set) we were oh.. a good
10 "rows" of people from the stage! and like the 2nd to
last song, my contact fell out, lol, and i had to try and
put it back it w/ ppl moshing to my right and ppl crowd
surfing over me, yup, well it didn't work, so i just
dropped my contact. and then... we had people in front of
us smoking weed, lol, and they blew it right in my face!
how ruuude! haha. OH yea.. and when finger eleven was on,
this lady behind us, was f'ing plastered... and she was old
too, and she was smoking a joint and she dropped it, and
she was like crawling around to look for it. lol, thast
going to be me when i grow up :p haha ya right! and i'm
going back to bogarts on saturday with brett jake and zach
to see three days grace! i'm so pumped! this entry kinda
sucks bc i should have so much to say about the concert,
but i can't put it into words... but i can some it up by
saying... it was fucking amazing!