The Real Me
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2004-03-18 02:28:41 (UTC)

Busy Bee

Well not really..sure feels like it though. it's been a few
days since i've written. Went to orientation this week it
was ok...Spent sunday night at erika's her and her roommate
Dith r pretty fun. I got my bday present from erika too..it
rocked..i do beleive its the best one. 80's and CMT most
wanted live (i went to that concert with her in Oct.)and a
bamboo necklace from jamica! I love it! Monday was
ok...jsut learning the basics to Acadia. Then went to Jim's
for the night which was ok. no T.V. (Don took it home) so i
was forced to use his comp for the night (shh don't tell ;))
Tuesday was ok, we learned how to get out of holds. and
they told me i don't have to come on thrus which made my
life easier. I meet this cool girl named Jessica, she went
to st joes and knew of katie which is cool. She kinda
reminded me of kelly Gionet alil bit, kinda weird...she was
cool and all but she had some traits just like kelly which
kinda freaked me out. oh well...

I'm home now...nothing exciting here. Kinda excited to go
back to school in a way...starting to miss everyone, not
looking forward to going back to classes and starting work.
oh well..it's money, and good money at that. Tomorrow
should be fun, it's a secret ;) i'll let u in on it after

Dad locked himself outta his truck last night and i had to
help him, kinda fun i have to admit..bonding time with dad
I don't get that much now, being older and grown outta
watchin wreslting and we both don't have time for much
things to do together like we did when i was a kid. so
standing out in the cold for 15 minutes helping pa break
into his truck was alot of fun. Mom and i have been getting
along good too..i have probably jinxed it but oh well..its
kinda fun to be able to joke and wrestle.

Pa's blood pressure is up...kinda sad mas been sick with
things for a while on and off medications, honestly i don't
really know whats goin on with her, i don't feel the need
to ask but when dad's blood pressure goes up i kinda
worry..maybe it's the fact he's getting older or one of the
downfalls of being daddy's lil girl...

SEX..going from dad to sex but i'm talkin to some friends
about it..i don't think i can go without...thats just

ok thats it for now..maybe more on sex later ;)

luv ya

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