the excitingness of my life
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2004-03-18 01:39:21 (UTC)

another fun filled survey

Winter or Summer?:summer
Pink or Purple?:purple
War or Peace?:peace
Water or Fire?:fire
Air or Earth?:air
1 Soulmate or many lovers?:many lovers
Sex or Love?:love
Passive or agressive?:agressive
Quiet night in or Party?:party
Sleeping beauty or cinderella?:sleeping beauty
Fairytales or Real-Life?:fairytales
Procrastination or to the point?:procrastination
Buffy or Charmed?:buffy
Sex and the city or Friends?:sex and city
Carrie or Miranda?:carrie
Samantha or Charlotte?:samantha
Spike or Angel?:angel
Country or city?:city
Busy days or Lazy days?:busy
Shimmer or Sparkle?:sparkle
Dreamer or Realist?:dreamer
Naughty or Nice?:naughty
Bungee jumping or jumping out of a plane?:jumping out of a
Spontaneous or a planner?:spontaneous
Defensive or offensive?:defensive
Sexy Cute or Innocent cute?:innocent cute
Soulful eyes or mysterious eyes?:mysterious
My little pony or carebears?:carebears
Fraggle rock or the wuzzles?:fraggle rock
60'S or 70'S?:70s
80's or 90's?:90s
Moulin Rouge or Romeo & julliet?:moulin rouge
Love or Career?:career
Wealth or Health?:health
Smooch or snog?:snog w/e the fuck that is