Thoughts of His girl
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2004-03-17 23:56:51 (UTC)

I Guess I Missed Master Today ( cries)


Seems I missed Master I was left this note on GCN.

well Mine I have been online for hours as i was on a early
shift this morning and you havent been on ,its 9.20 am and
I am back at work at 4am be well lil one

(takes a deep breath frustrated and lonely)

I never know when he will be online, what am I supposed to
do sit in front of the comp all day and hope he comes
online? (sighs) He doesnt want me logged into GCn if
dealing with r/t but other wise I jsut check in now and
then to see what he if he is online because I dont go into
chat much anymore. I hate it with out him. (sighs)

I feel so lost and alone lately(sighs) It is so
frustrating ! I never know when he will be online and I
miss him damn it.

aaron had a good day at school , after about 10 minutes he
went about hsi day. I got there in time to pick him and
and was able to watch the last of his PE class he was
playing two square with his teacher . I sat and watched
for a few minutes. When we got home he screamed and was
upset for about 30 minutes didnt want anything but wanted
soemthing then I got him to calm down and play in the
bath. ( sigh) That is when I relized I missed Master
again. (sighs)