Thoughts of His girl
2004-03-17 17:01:10 (UTC)

Lost Freinds Of Gor

Lugh left Gor didnt exactly know why , hell I didnt know
until I read GSN.

Seems He was challenged to a DM and refused to fight bc
according to him he was once friends with the other Man.
Today I read this .

Those like lofti come at me in IM then leave whining are
the expamle I speak of. He not only threatened me but all
that Are LarlÂ’s Blood. Stupid Boy!

Lofti = Lugh


A FW put this on GSN and I like it alot and agree so I am
saving it here.

I find these matters worth the effort, in spite of the way
they are being sold to the body politic.

A few old friends are involved in this, and for them I
offer a simple bit of advice, for whatever use they might
see fit.

You do not need to make rules or half-ranting screeds
about how free women and slaves need to act. You do not
need other women to train or instruct anyone. You do not
need to discuss zones, or how slaves serve, or anything
like that.
Gor is a world run by men. Of that, there can be little
The problems of Gor, are the problems of men. The rest of
us, are subsidiary.
If the men will fix their own problems - get their own
house in order ... all the rest will take care of itself,
of it's own accord.
It is my opinion, for whatever that might be worth, that
if the men will get themselves in order, and recover some
lost baring, the women of Gor will start respecting them
again, and as such will act respectfully. You do not need
to teach the women to be respectful, you have to make
yourself worthy of respect.

If not, the men will just look like they are only strong
enough to enforce rules on women, and as such, will never
be respected by anyone.


Seems my dear friend Fieras has left MSN Gor as well. he
was part of the Larlsblood and seems he didnt like what it
was becoming and felt he had no choice but to leave MSN
Gor, His FC and his slave. I dont truthfully understand. I
know he is a man of honour and a man of pride. I just dont
get it. (sighs)

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