2004-03-17 15:21:09 (UTC)

happy st. patty's day!!!

so for the past few days i have been waking up in such a
good mood.... it's almost like it isn't snowing outside
and there is beautiful spring weather all around (which is
the usual reason for happy morning moods). but, i think
it is something else that is brightening my day... no, not
some boy---contrary to what the world may believe boys
aren't the only reason for happiness... no, it is
something that comes w/in i suppose. and something that
may not last for very long, but for these few days, i will
cherish it :)

i realize that i am very discrete in these little diary
entries, rarely do i tell what is on my mind about
specific instances occurring in my life, but moreso
generalized ideas and thoughts that are rather unattached
to the daily going-ons. perhaps i will try to talk more
about everyday things going on w/ me :)

k, here is an update:

if u didn't already know, i got into med school at OU
which is pretty much the only place i wanted to go to!!!
i am living in a house right now w/ four other beautiful
girls who have made my senior year at muskingum a total
BLESSING. i gave up COFFEE for lent... which was probably
one of the bravest endeavors i've had this year :) and it
has been working out ok thus far, fortunately...

well i suppose that is enough for now, i will try to keep
this thing updated though :)

have a great st. patty's day people!!!