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2004-03-17 12:44:26 (UTC)

Random Raving

Happy St. Patricks Day!! Well, I'm off the diet. I know I
know. But I was just really depressed or something and
everything made me very sad and I cried alot for no
fucking reason and really this has been going on for a
while but as far back as I can think I have never been sad
like this. It all started when I got on this diet. So, me
and Jack talked about it and I got off. I'm going to get
back on induction 2 weeks befor prom and then get off of
it agian. Then.. I plan on being at a really low weight
during prom so I'm hoping that I can stay off the diet and
not gain much weight and be ok for summer. But I don't
know. There is a gym opening up across the highway from my
house and I plan on joining so I can run and stuff when
I'm not dieting. We'll see. I am still the Atkins
Revolution tho. Anyhoo, I've been eating everything agian
and it is fabulous. Restraunts are all new to me now since
I can get waht ever I want. It's great. Whats not so
fucking great is my family. I think it may of been because
I was trying to hide my sadness while I was on Atkins and
I was really nice to thme and everything was great well
now theve decided that since I'm back to normal so they
can ruin my life. (Well, it's not that bad-but I'm still
mad) First of all, I saw my birthday presents all wrapped
in my moms room and they are in the same bags that my gma
gave me last week. So that means she didn't even get new
bags. What a bitch and.... I don't think I have any
suprises. Which means.. ah, fuck it, YES I AM A SPOLIED
ONE ON MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY!! Then, last night my mom tells
me that my car insurance has gotten a little to high and
they need me to start paying for half of it. My fucking
insurance is $250 dollars a month. That means that I know
have to pay $125 PLUS the already $204.43 for half my car
payment.(Shes now jipping me on that too. My car payment
is $404.43 a month and since she made it my responsibility
to pay my own bills I get stuck with the $4.43. I don't
know what I did to deserve getting all this shit thrown at
me all the sudden!! Gaaa!) Thats about $330 a month! I
don't earn near that much! I was so mad. But I really
can't argue with my paretns to get out of shit like other
kids can so really I'm just fucked. Then to top that off
she said that next year when I turn 18 I have to pay for
ALL of my insurance and still $200 for my car payment.
Thats $500 fucking dollars a month. Just to drive my car.
That dosen't include the $60 dollars a month for gas-$15
for tanning and anything thing else I need to do. I mean
come on. The deal was (a year ago) when I got the car that
they were going to pay for my insurance unless I got a
ticket and it went up any. Bull Shit! I have been a
perfect fucking driver and I still get fucked for it. This
is absolute bullshit. I mean, what a great fucking way to
say Happy Birthday Wonderful Daughter! Evertime I think
about it I just get madder. I wish there was at least
something I could do to try and help it out. What I think
I might do is call a bunch of insurance places and try and
get it cheaper at least. Even $50 would help. But I could
also get into trouble for that too since they just got new
insurance and I'm on their policy and shit. I don't know
but it hasn't been brought up since then so, who knows. I
think I might say the thing about getting a ticket when
she asks for her fucking money. But.. on a better note-
Tomorrow is the best day in the world. My 17th birthday!
Hehe. The queens special day has arrived. I'll talk more

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