Random Days
2004-03-17 07:17:25 (UTC)

March 16/2004


I didn't accomplish much today, but I'm actually quite
pleased with what I did accomplish. I wrote out a timed
direction for a video (be it flash, 3d whatever) of the
song "Mad World" covered by Gary Jules (kicks the ass out
of the tears for fears version). I think it's a great
little piece, and now all I need is an artist who can
actually stay focused for more than 5 seconds to make it
come to light.

It's times like this I wish I could draw...


I'm not really sure what I'm going to be doing tomorrow, as
I've recently discovered it's saint patty's day. Sacha
wants me to drink with her in the evening, but she has a
tendancy to go to bars and such, and that's not a scene I
enjoy. I find that most of the sorts of people who
frequent liquor establishments to be the shallowest of the
shallow. Maybe I'm too judgemental. Maybe I should have
more fun. Meh, fuck em.

I haven't been drunk in a month or two now, and I think it
will do me good to undwind and have a few drinks. I don't
plan on getting roaringly smashed, but sacha has a way of
making sure that I get good and drunk usually. Again, it
really depends on what her plans are for the evening,
because I'm not going to bother having drinks with her if
it's just going to end up with her going to the bar with a
bunch of other such people. I'm all for people coming
over, having some drinks and socializing. Bars tend to
bring out the worst in people, and all the associated
drama. Not to mention, I disenjoy dealing with strangers,
so I'm obviously more comfortable in a home setting with
people I know.


I hope you don't get too angry at Gordon Campbell tomorrow
when he announces the UBC takeover (which I'm fairly sure
will happen). Just remember that he's a fuckhead, and that
so are a lot of other people in positions of political
power. The moral of the story? Be careful who you vote

Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow if I
don't see you.



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