Invisible Akwardness
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2004-03-17 05:28:34 (UTC)

New, and Still Screwed

Ok, First I will annouce for the one's who read this and
have no clue to who I am, my name is Jes. Yes a common
name, but this one comes with alot of problems.
I have a best friend I love dearly but she seems to get
everything I want and I can't complain because I love her.
Oh well my problem...Oh and Chris BLAH he is all like I've
changed and I don't want to hear it because to be honest, I
don't think he has, but hey what do I know?
OK WOOGIE or as I like to call him "jason" there is
something about him that is so AHHHHHHHhh lol It is just so
teasing and I want it but his life seems so happy now and I
know if I were to go into it I would want more attention
that he has to offer at the time. I mean everyone is so
busy now with school almost coming to a end and plus he's
trying to make his band go somewhere and I'm trying to get
my art noticed, its just a mess.
I don't really know how to finish off a online journal,
everything I more than likly type are things I dont mind
people seeing, the other thoughts I can write in my little
black book...but until I have more problems that I wan to
share, Goodbye.

Love the un loved
bruise the pure,
hurt and break the un please and teased,
its like a beat
a melody in my heart
boom boom boom and then the silent bass
its like a never ending battle, a love thats bruised
a scared and torn beat,
he's there and he's here,
he is the one who makes me dizzy dizzy,
manson told me about the cotton candy, melting,
then all i could say was dizzy dizzy
love and un pure
pure and un loved
love is a tool that is mine
mine to share, and fear
i hate the smell of it, yet its what i ask for
i want you more and more,
but all my heart is black and bruised
not pure, not envied..
you make me dizzy, dizzy, you make me want, want you
the way you are you, the way you want me
the way you stepped out of the box...
here's your yellow brick road, or tin man