2004-03-17 02:48:20 (UTC)


HP Tech support interview tomorrow
Fixed the Goodall's computer last night
Finishing the next batch of CD's Sonja wanted
Ready for this move this weekend
Just got to get to the bank and start looking out for a
good used van to pick up now.

Alana started writing me the other day again and this time
I answered. I figured it has been enough time I needed to
wash out the bad memory there. She is doing good, her
sister is 5 months along now. They are in the valley now
too, so that's cool.

Darren and Suzy and doing awesome per usual. Can't wait
to see Troy and the crew in Antigonish, though it will be
a bit weird at first moving, but it always is.

Once the routine gets settled in I'll do fine. Try to get
it on a good sleepin habit, more practice time in, time on
the weights in, and work hours.... so I'll need to bring
a few survival books to read, one of my amps, and
Jessica. Can't go anywhere without my favorite.

So what is this anxious weight I feel right now?
Maybe it is from quitting smoking?