mY sToRy
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2004-03-16 22:04:59 (UTC)


hEy It B tUeSdAy At 3:30 eVeN tHo ThIs ThInG aLwAyS sAyS
tHe WrOnG tImE bUt o WeLl, ToDaY wE aReNt ReAlLe DoInG n E
tHiNg HeRe CePt SiTtIn ArOuNd AnD tAlKiN, wHiCh I
dOnT "pArTicAlLy" lOv To Do, LoL, sO i JuS gOt Up HeRe AnD
sTaRtEd TyPiNg! ItS aWeSoMe WeAtHeR uP hErE, iTs AlL bRighT
aNd ShInY aNd WaRm, NoT hOt, BuT wArM, lOl! i CaNt GeT oN
aIm BeCuS i CaNt DoWnLoAd It On My GrAnDmAs cOmP. bEcUs Im
NoT aLoUd To AnD oN mY lAp ToP oUr rOaDrUnNeR sErViCe
DoEsNt WoRk AlL tHe WaY oUt HeRe, So Ya It AiNt To FuN,
cAlL me, WaIt DoNt, ThEn My MoM wOuLd GeT mAd, i MiGhT cAlL
YoU, lOl! i WoNdEr WhAt We ArE gOiN tO bE DoIn ToMoRo,
HmMm, I hOpE sUmThIn FuN! iM bOrEd!!! AhHhHh!!! iM aBoUt To
DiE of BoReDoM, o LoOk ThE sUn Is ShInIn ThRu The WiNdOw,
Ah So KoOl, lOl, nOw U cAn SeE HoW bOrEd I aM iF i tHInK
sUn ShInIN tHRu A wInDoW iS kOoL!! Im UpStAiRs RiGhT nOW iN
mY gRaNdMAs MaNsHiOn, JK, aNd EvErYoNe ElSe Is DoWnStAiRs I
fEeL sO lOnEly!! PoOr Me!! mY wHoLe FaMiLy Is A bIg SiT
dOwN aND tAlK aBoUt Ur WhOlE lIfE sToRy, AnD iM nOt THaT
pErSoN sO i JuSt CoMe Up HeRe AnD b BoReD! bUt OtHeR TiMeS
iM oUt SwImMiN iN tHe RivEr, oR tUbInG, oR eXpLoRiN tHe
WoOds, Or GoInG iN tHe CaNyOn, nOw ThAtS FuN tO dO wIt My
CoUsInS bUt ThEy aInT hErE, awWwW!! I mIsS tHeM!! I mIsS
EvEryOnE rIGHt NoW, yOu, yOu, YoU, aNd EvEn YoU, lol, aLl
Of YoU!! Ah WElL i GuEsS u R gEtTiNg BoReD of ReAdInG tHiS
aNd I dOnT wAnT yOu To Be ThE SaMe aS I Am, So I wiLl PrOb
wRiTe AbOuT sUmtHiN iNtErEsTiN lAtUr TodAy, OkE DoKe, WeLl
Im GoNnA lEtChA gO, lOv Ya, LaTuR mY gATuRs!!

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