aNd sO i WrItE
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2004-03-16 21:45:52 (UTC)


whas really hood diary...
nothing overr here chillin just got home i feel sick to
mah stomache even worse than yesterday like imma throw
up... i dunno how mah day was im mad at this one girl bc
she lied to me about tha smallest shit i wa slikw wtf she
lucky she aint come to shool bc i was kkinda mad nah mean
anyway im home righ tnow grubbin on mah chips n cookies...
chillin nah mean or tryin too at 5 i gotta go to this girl
house so we can finish this project ... its all gravey
tho...i dunno in health it wa sfun bc we made a skit and
its mmadd funny im "bipolar" in tha skit so one min im
mean tha next im nice n i get to smack this girl its
fun...anyway... im tired n my tummy hurts n i wanna lay
down but i cant.. ohh snap yo i was fresh today boy
well... im like that ery day but nah i had some a skirt w
pink socks that come to mah knees and a blk n pink shirt w
diamonds on it and silver and i had on pink makeup n a
pink purse w mah up towns.... i was like yyuupppp thas
whassup... its was iight tho... oh man u know y girls dont
like to be put out in tha rain sometimes is bc they hair n
when water touch my hair it goes PPOOF!!* n today these
boyz were fightin over a water bottle n it was gettin
everywhere n i was like alright i dare yall to get some
fuckin water on me n they aint hear me .... so water went
up in tha air... and i tired to run but it fell on mah
head n mah shit said PPOOOF!* i was like damn this is why
i straitened mah hair not to make it puffy so all day i ha
dlike one thick ass puffy ass curl in tha baq of mah head
they was like huh? i was like just SHUT UP!... n in
Geometry we cheated soo bad on this test it was bananaz i
knwo i past ... n then when im walkin to tha bus i seen
mah boy being put into tha cop car with handcuffs on n his
girl called me n was askin me shit i wa slike nah ma i
dont even know wha happened but i think he goin to jail...
n these boys got in a fight today it was funny bc they
both diesel i was like wHOA!!... it was hott but they
talkin about they want to fight again i wa slike ok thas
nuff jeezzee anyway damn i gtg nah mean i have more to say
but madd heads is IMin me ...gots ta bounce
thas mah day nah mean?
Take Care
God Bless