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2004-03-16 19:50:27 (UTC)

Canterbury Day Two

Next morning, Didi had to be up early (for him) to go to a
Spanish lesson with a teacher he finds to be stupidly
beautiful - she's quite cute, to be fair, for all the
bashing his lady-taste got over the weekend (And it was a
fair bit, mainly due to the fact the girl the previous
night was ginger) - anyways, I was intrigued to see this
girl. However, I was less prepared, and was
to say...rough enough that I didn't finish the Independent
crossword that day...

Anyway, I sat there, noticing far more about Spanish
phonology than I had any energy to do, and listened, and
looked a bit shit, and then we went away to sit in front
of a computer, which is where my (now I worry about it, I
can remember the scene as well, but it seems in some kind
of watercolour now) hummingbird entry was written, and I
checked the cricket.

We headed for a cup of tea, and bumped into the new
student president (which is how we knew he was sound) and
then slowly made our way back to Didi's house. Two things
of import happened.

1. Didi asked for a bag in the shop for all his food
(crisps, drink, bread) and proceeded to not use it for
anything but the bread, which is easily enough carried. 2p
down the drain. I was watching him pick everything up, as
the shop assistant looked more and more was
very funny, trust me.

2. Not as funny, however, as my cracking up, fully, as
much as I possibly could as some chap walked past us on
the way out of campus. His face just reminded me of the FA
Cup. It was one of those "How would he react?" moments,
and I just couldn't predict what he would do if I clutched
his ears in either hand, kissed him, and raised his head.

I didn't of course, but it took me some time to regain
sanity afterwards....good day in store, though.

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