Thoughts of His girl
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2004-03-16 05:42:42 (UTC)

Manic Monday

Today was bizar.

1. A Master I know r/t called and bitched about his
homestone and issues there for about an hour. Told me him
and his FC where leaving. I know the owner and his (slave/
sub) r/t as well . The next thing I know tonight he says
he is FS and not going and wants me to train the girls...
um not even going to ask Master its a subbie playpen not
wasting my time.

2. I saw Master for a bit. But he was afk most of the
time . (sighs) He is moving back to the UK in 2 weeks and
trying to get stuff ready for the move. I hate this I
barely get time with him and I know he is trying but I
hate it. I wont ever compalin to him but I feel lost and
empty when we dont talk. He laughed at me tonight because
I told him that I read his notes to me over and over when
I miss him. (sigh) I felt stupid. I know he didnt mean it
like that , he says they are just words. But when I am
down and he isnt online and I havent alked to him they are
his words and they make me feel better. (sighs) I hate not
seeing or talking to him every day . I wish things were
more settled for him. He says when he is back in the UK
the hours wont be as long , well see. ( takes a deep
breath) I got a lecture about journalling every day, I try
to some days I jsut dont have anything to say or have so
much to say I am like last night.

I miss Master so much!!!!

3.My freind squeeller is upset because we dont talk much
and she IMed me last night and I ignored her. I was lost
and confused and just emotionally overwhelmed last night.
Seems to happen alot when I got any period with out
talking to Master.

4. My roommate came home from soft ball practice tonight
with Louie one of her " Friends" Him and I kind of had
words. hes an arogant as who I would love to bring to his
fucking knees. he told me fuck with the bull get the orns
I told himt he difference between him and a bull is bulls
had balls. Then he stuck his tongue out when leaving to go
someone ( andyes she left her daughter who was asleep )
and I toldhim well guess that prooves your sloopy at
eating pussy bc you have a sloppy ass tongue. Regina
prooved they are more than friends by her reaction .
(laughs)I miss Master

5. Regina and I had a convo about me moving , us moving ,
how she isnt making it blah blah blah . I pay closs to 200
week in grocerys, then internet, and water sewer and
garbage and she wants me to pay half the bilsl but I dont
even hve a bdrm and my stuff isnt here. It is all at my
parents house. (sighs)

6. I havent talked to Chris since he left. I resolved
myself to not IMing him if he wants to talk he will IM me.
He is the one who left like he did and acted like he did .
and yes I aliented him after some of it bc I didnt want to
say something to cause abunch of bs.

7. Mathew is back in Oregon.

8. I was told by someone tonight . That Dex told someoen
at a point he thought I was stalking him. (laughs) How
fucking funny is that shit.

9. When Regina was out tonight for a " softball meeting" I
had the girls clean their room . Yesterday Torie stepped
on something walking barefoot and was in the ER. Like I
told Gina they would clean it and put a bandaid. She didnt
bleive me spent 3 hours in the ER. Tongiht Torie tried to
sayshe couldnt clean the room bc of her foot. (wtf) At
least she is creative. I finally went in the room and
helped Pauline clean it up.

10. Aaron starts school tomorrow. We went to his school
today he saw his class and meet his teacher. (grins) I
will have my days free now . I wish Master would be around
and alone!(WEFG)

Have I mentioned that I miss Master?(laughs)

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