mY sToRy
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2004-03-16 03:45:36 (UTC)

mOvIeS w/ tHe BeSt...!

wOw TiSiGhT tImE, eVeR HaD oNe Of ThOsE nItEs!! ToNiTe WaS
sSoO aWeSoMe! i WeNt To tHe MoViEs WiTh ThE bEsT pEoPlE iN
tHe WoRlD! CoWiE aNd KeLsE! NoW iF yOu DoNt KnO tHeM i
WiLl TeLl YoU a LiL aBoUt TheSe SwEEt PeOpLe!! wElL cOwIe,
HeR rEaL nAmE iS aLySsA bUt We AlL cAL hEr By HeR lAsT
nAmE, cOwIe, DoNt AsK mE wHy!! sHe Is SuCh A sWeEtY!! ShE
iS oNe Of My BeSt FrIeNdS aNd I lOv HeR sSoO mUcH! CoWiE
iS oNe Of A kInD, u DoNt FiNd MaNy Of HeR oUt TheRe, ShE
iS aLwAyS tHeRe FoR mE aNd We HaV tHE fUnNeSt Of TiMeS!We
GeT tHrU tHE tOuGh tImEs ToGeThR! i LoV tHaT gIrL wItH aLl
mY hEaRt AnD sOuL, nObOdY, aNd I meAn NOBODY cOuLd EvEr
RePlAcE hEr!! KeLsE, iS a HiLaRiOuS pErSoN, sHe AlWaYs
MaKeS mE lAuGh! sHe Is My ShOuLdEr To CrY oN aNd HaS bEeN
THeRe FoR 8 yEaRs, YuP eVeR sInCe KiNdErGaRdEn!! ShE iS
sUcH aN aWeSoMe PeRsOn AnD iS mY oThEr BeSt FrIeNd ANd
TheRe Is NoThIn ThAt CoUlD eVeR ChANGe ThAt! NoW iF We PuT
aLl ThrEe Of Us ToGeThEr ItS tHe BeSt, No WaIt tHe BeStEST
iN tHe WhOoLlEe WoRlD!! wE wEnT aNd SaW 50 fIrSt DaTeS,
wHiCh WaS a PrEtY tItE sHoW! mAn ThE wAlRuS pUkIn, LuCy
BeAtIn ThE gUy WiTh The BaT, aH hA sO vEry FuNnE, aND beSt
WaS lAuGhIn wItH mY bEsT fRiEnDS!! i LoVe YoU gUyS yAlL
arE sSoO aWeSoMe!! wE hAd a GrEaT tImE!! LoV yA, iM oUt,
LaTuR gUyS!!