Nick's Journal
2004-03-16 03:10:03 (UTC)

Apparently I'm in the wrong social clubs

as i go through my normal routine of idly checking
people's profiles and away messages, i've come to the
disconcerting assertation that, not only do i not have
enough friends, but i also do not have enough social
events of which to take random pictures of. apparently my
social club of "just me" isn't really condusive to wanton
picture taking. sure the first 15 pictures of my cock are
kind of appealing but after a while i've realized that i
can only do so many things alone, all of them being
masturbating to porn. so what i need is a frat but
they've caught on to my sly ways as i tried to join one in
my last semester at college. alas.
so today i'm bumming around financial derivatives when
this chinese guy thats in my management class sits down
next to me with a smile the size of a fortune cookie and
starts babbling something to me. now when i say babbling
i mean babbling. i have no idea what he said. what came
out of his mouth was a contortion of ineffable utterances
that bordered along the lines of mandarin chinese and a
chimpanzee screeching at me cos i'd taken his banana. i
am dead serious when i tell you i couldn't understand one
word this guy said to me.
but being the good soul that i am i let him on to believe
that i did understand what he was saying and he kept on
jibber-jabbering away until finally he stopped and by the
look in his eyes i realized that he felt that he was
entitled to a response. now as i said i had no idea what
the christ he was saying so i just sorta stuttered
a "yes?". to which he seemed most pleased and continued to
jibber-jabber onward. i'm amazed by how much of my life is
just a function of me pretending to be interested.
then in management today there was this guy in the front
with this growth on his face (the kind you get from having
sex with too many slutty girls) and he was one of those gq
guys and he was dicking around with these girls and being
all obnoxious and i couldn't help but focus in on that
festering piece of std on his chin. it was one of the
nastiest things i'd seen in a while, it seemed as if it
had a mind of its own. ugh.
well i resolve to finish this finance case tonight. i
can't stand this class, its such a self esteem killer i
might as well just give up my financial career and start
selling saigon hookers out of the back of my car.