you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2004-03-16 02:54:51 (UTC)

catch up

its been a while since i've written anything, so i'll do a
little catch up on whats been happening...
-i've done almost no homework for oh, i'd say a month or
so, consequently my grades are for shit...
-spring break is comming up in a few weeks, though, so
that's always good.
-my mom went though a really bad spell for a week or so
(d&pp) but she's been a little better since then... well
actually she is being really impossible and bitchy, but
better... and the same w/ marielle. her bitchyness is
seriously fuckin out of control- she's been such a little
badass lately, too. smokin and drinkin and shit, but mom
found out about it...(haha!) silly little girl...doesn't
know how to cover her tracks.
-that's probably why my moms been so up in the air lately,
that and she found out andrew and i had sex, which, almost
suprising to me, she freaked out about. i just told her
that it was a one time only thing and that andrew and i
weren't interested in eachother that way, so now we can
have sleepovers again. yay.
-i love him. i really do.